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A 289 acre Natural Arboretum featuring over approximately 1,800 trees and a variety of gardens and landscape features.  The Arboretum is currently managed by the Facilities Department with assistance from the Biology and Geography Departments.


The mission of those involved with the Kutztown University Arboretum is to collect and study trees and shrubs, and to display them across naturally beautiful landscapes for the campus community and surrounding communities to study and enjoy.


Our goals are to:

maintain and develop a well-documented diverse collection of plants for teaching purposes, public education, and aesthetic enjoyment.

provide a guide in developing a Heritage Tree Master Plan that would research and evaluate a method of incorporating trees into future projects as well as using trees to develop other parts of the campus.

provide an outdoor laboratory for use by faculty and students in botany, biology, geography, environmental studies and other studies.

provide a place where the campus community and local residents may enjoy passive recreation and a relaxing place for students to study and learn.

provide programs and publications that focus on the Arboretum and assist in promoting the opportunities available at Kutztown University.

promote proper plant selection while increasing the diversity of trees on campus.

provide species that resist pests, are adaptable to local conditions, and that require minimal maintenance while providing an exceptional aesthetic value.


Please note, this site is in it's early stages of development. 

Future planned enhancements include:

~Expanded tree inventory database that will include information on the

health of our trees.

~Access to GIS maps which include accurate campus maps with points for trees.

~Complete photographic library of all trees, along with photos of all highlighted gardens across a variety of seasons.

~Photos to go along with "What's in Bloom" information.

~Additional tree walks/paths identified.

~Development of an arboretum book that includes all garden information, tree information, and educational articles that can be made available for purchase to visitors of the arboretum.

~Annual guided tree walk information.


Please continue to check back for additional updates and additions



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