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1ST YEAR STUDENTS: You will be placed into the appropriate courses for the first semester (see Crafts Checksheet). These will include 2D Design, Drawing I, Art History A, and General Education electives. You will meet with your advisor to discuss your 2nd semester courses.


  • External transfers should meet with the Department Chair to review the courses that have transferred into Kutztown and to sign-up for our first semester’s courses. For subsequent semesters you will be assigned an advisor, who you will meet with to discuss course the registration process (see Crafts Checksheet).
  • Internal transfers from another visual arts program may already have chosen a concentration area. In that case your advisor will be the professor in charge of that area.

ADVISORS: You will be assigned an advisor when you enter into the program. Your advisor will correspond to your area of concentration. Should a faculty member not be available for a semester, you will be assigned a temporary academic advisor.

PROGRAM OF STUDY: download Crafts Checksheet

  • Foundations: As a crafts major, you will start your work with the foundation courses in drawing, design, and art history.
  • Concentration: Crafts Concentrations include Ceramics, Textiles (weaving & non-loom) Fine Metals, and Furniture/Wood Design. You will begin to take courses in your major area in the second semester of your freshman year. After this semester, you will have craft courses each semester along with general education courses, including art history and electives.
  • Professional Studies: Crafts majors are required to take Crafts Seminar and Survey of Crafts. The Survey of Crafts course is held every two years, consult with your advisor for the schedule. Crafts Seminar is held every year in the spring semester.

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